OHL LAW, PLC has litigated and advised clients in a wide variety of business litigation and insurance claims in state and federal court, including first-party no-fault, third-party automobile negligence, premises liability, professional negligence, and property claims.

With each new client, we take the time to learn and understand the various facets of their business to better serve them. We pride ourselves on thorough evaluation and thoughtful resolution of each case in a cost-effective manner.



Attorney Referral Consulting

Choosing an attorney can be a difficult decision.  Television advertisements bombard the airwaves for personal injury attorneys.  With nearly two decades of experience in multiple legal practice areas with several large and midsize law firms, Shawn is uniquely positioned to help you evaluate the criteria to narrow down the choices and will refer you to an attorney specializing in the legal field you need.

Business Consulting & Litigation

From choosing the right business entity at formation, selling your business, to drafting and negotiating contracts, business planning is an essential aspect of running any business.  Whether you own a large or small business and you’re navigating the regulations or you’re involved in a dispute, a skillful attorney can assist you in protecting your rights and resolving business disputes in a cost-effective manner.

Insurance Consulting Services

Do you understand the coverage you have for your automobile, home, and business?  If you have a loss or you’re involved in an accident, what will your policy cover?  

No-Fault reform is a new reality in Michigan and a major departure from previous law.  Now more than ever it is important to consult with a professional before making a decision about coverage options.  Your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company, governed by contract principles and interpreted under Michigan law.  Shawn can help you understand what your policies provide and exclude from coverage.


Legislative Drafting & Analysis

Shawn served as Deputy Legislative Counsel for the Legislative Counsel Bureau in Carson City, Nevada, where he drafted legislation for the Senate Judiciary Committee during the 73rd Session and 21st Special Session. This experience provided valuable insight into the legislative process and drafting at the state level while providing a unique insight into numerous Constitutional issues.  In addition to drafting legislation for the State of Nevada, Shawn also worked as a special assistant to draft city ordinances here in the State of Michigan.


Choosing the right estate plan requires evaluating many factors, including family relationships, the size of the estate, and how title is held in various assets. In addition to wills and trusts, Shawn has prepared health care directives, powers of attorney, and HIPAA authorizations regarding medical information.


Shawn has experience in handling personal injury claims pre-suit and in litigation. Shawn has litigated premises liability, auto injury, trucking, and others. If you’ve suffered a personal injury you may be entitled to compensation.



With each new client, Shawn takes the time to learn and understand the various facets of their business to better serve them. He prides himself on thorough evaluation and thoughtful resolution of each case in a cost-effective manner.

Shawn has worked in the insurance industry as well as in private practice. He previously managed a group of insurance adjusters while also coordinating outside counsel throughout the country for a large trucking company engaged in interstate transportation. Shawn has handled all aspects of litigating matters, from pre-suit negotiation through trial and appeal, with focused determination and keen awareness of his clients’ needs.



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